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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

GPU-breaking scenario found, reproduced and tested - EVGA GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3090 and (not only) New World | Tests | igor´sLAB

It seems to be a faulty fan controller raising one of the fans RPM to crazy levels. Now obviously in actuality, no fan can go that high but he does report that you can actually hear that one fan ramping up to 100%. The card also ignores the manual fan settings so even if you set it to 50%, it will still ramp up well above that. There is also this quite:

"However, it also happens in this game that the fans keep howling and you have to close the game immediately before a blackout and the well-known emergency shutdown happens shortly after. In this case, the only thing that can be done is to disconnect the computer from the mains and wait a few seconds to be able to boot it again. This in turn indicates an emergency shutdown by the power supply, which proves that the card must have demanded an abnormal amount of power in this situation."

Personally, after trying to read the article a few times, I am still not quite certain what causes the card to stop working. Since the article is translated from German, it's not the easiest thing to read. A fan controller reporting faulty numbers and fans ramping up to 100% shouldn't cause the cards to die. It could be due to abnormal amount of power but then it should be affecting other 3000 series cards as well to the same extent but we know that it's mainly the Evga FTW3 cards that are the issue. Could be that FTW3 has some terrible power delivery systems but it's hard to tell reading the article. Hopefully GN or someone will give us more clarity.

It's EVGA's fan controller going totally haywire.

It tries to get the performance up... by increasing fan speed to 6 digits. This results in the fan #1 spinning at above 100% fan speed, yet it's still not enough to reach what the fan controller tells it to do, so it pulls enormous power trying to reach what it's getting told. Enormous power as in, pulling a comparable amount to the GPU chip itself. Of course the fans can't take that for more than a few seconds, and even the boards struggle with so much current flowing through them.

Also, they are calling out EVGA for saying that since the patch, it doesn't happen anymore, but it still does, as their test and the screenshot with those 6-digitfan speeds are from after being patched.

Finally, it's not just New World. It also affects their cards in other games, like Anno 1800 for instance. In their test, Anno often made the fans spin up to 100% and dropped down again immediately after. But rarely, the fan speed didn't drop down, and the PSU's overvoltage protection stepped in and shut down the PC to save the hardware.

tl;dr: Don't buy EVGA

Thanks for the explanation!


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