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AMD Ryzen 5000G listed early by first retailers at a premium

Personally, I don't like the value at MSRP compared to Intel i5 11400 so I certainly wouldn't recommend paying a premium for it even if you are at a low spec gamer sorta deal.

PowerColor’s EEC filing features 24 Radeon RX 6600XT and 6600 graphics cards with 8GB GDDR6 memory

The funny thing is that if you think about it. There are two instances where Nvidia has more Vram than AMD as of right now. The very top end (3090) and the very low end (3060). In every other GPU class in between, AMD has more Vram capacity. We will see how it all plays out when it comes to price to performance but compared to a 3060 Ti/3060, AMD certainly has their work cut out for them in both raster and ray tracing.

Intel Alder Lake-P Mobility CPUs Spotted With Benchmarks, 14 Core With 20 Threads & 8 Core With 12 Thread SKUs

[Rumour] NVIDIA Stockpiling RTX 3060s To Pit Against RX 6600 XT, AIBs Preferring Non-LHR RTX 3070 Dies To LHR Ones

It's from MLID so take it with grains of salt

Valve says it hasn't found a game Steam Deck can't handle

I suppose as Star Citizen isn't on Steam, it would make sense

Steam Deck - HUGE NEWS! Built-In TDP / Clock Control Planned!

So you can manually adjust TDP and clocks to your liking. If they can integrate this into community profiles similar to how you have community profiles for controllers, it could be quite neat.


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