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It's time for the Friday news:


At the Epic Store, the free games this week are two: Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun.
And next week, the free games will be "Mothergunship" and "Train Sim World 2".

The Humble Store has a new EA World of Play Sale, with up to 85% discounts on EA games during the next 6 days. It goes without saying that the keys are for Origin:

Fanatical has a new bundle, the BYO Slayer Bundle 2. with 19 games to choose your 3. 5 or 7 games bundle:




This mod brings the cast of the Devil May Cry series to Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Devil May Cry and Yakuza fans, here is something for you today. JaseShifty has released a mod that changes the characters of Yakuza: Like a Dragon with those from the Devil May Cry series.
Additionally, this mod changes some skills and basic attacks in order to feel more like an immersive DMC mod.
>> Available from Nexus Mods.

Someone has remade all the levels from Project IGI 1 & 2 in Far Cry 5
PC old-school FPS fans, here is something for you today. Modder ‘gregorpl123’ has remade all the levels from the classic FPS games, Project IGI and Project IGI 2, in Far Cry 5.
This project is similar in scope to the one we shared a while, in which another modder recreated all the levels from Goldeneye 64 in Far Cry 5.
What this basically means is that you can play all the original missions of these two games in Far Cry 5. The modder has also included some soldiers to fight. As such, this mod feels like an – unpolished – remaster of these two games.
In order to find and access the Project IGI and Project IGI 2 maps, you’ll have to search for “Project IGI” and “IGI 2”. And that’s it.


eFootball will not feature any offline modes, you’ll have to purchase Master League as DLC
Yesterday, Konami announced that its PES series will be now called eFootball and will be a free-to-play game. However, Konami has now revealed that its F2P soccer game will not be coming without any Offline Modes. As such, players will have to wait and purchase the game’s Offline Modes (like Master League) whenever they become available. And no, they won’t be available at launch.
>> I guess Konami wants to kill the franchise.

EA and Codemasters announced GRID Legends, coming out in 2022
Electronic Arts and Codemasters announced the next part in the GRID series, GRID Legends. GRID Legends is a high-stakes driving experience that combines thrilling motorsport action, incredible race variety and an immersive story that puts the player at the heart of the action. GRID Legends will release in 2022 and you can find below its debut trailer!

First gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042’s new community-driven mode, Battlefield Portal
Electronic Arts and DICE have officially revealed a new game mode for Battlefield 2042, Battlefield Portal. Battlefield Portal is an all-new, community-driven platform where players will be able to change the rules of war by creating, sharing and discovering unexpected battles from Battlefield’s iconic past, present, and future.

New King’s Bounty II trailer introduces Katharine
1C Entertainment and Prime Matter have revealed the second of three playable characters for King’s Bounty II. This new trailer introduces, Katharine, a human mage who prefers the power of word, intrigue, and magic rather than open confrontation with the enemy.

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