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Chazore said:
mjk45 said:

Yep I'm off to Steam to pre-order some tape and plastic bags for the deck because Valves bad design doesn't allow for electronics mixing with water, also some floaties, another essential peripheral for poor swimmers like me engaging in Tasman Sea crossings to New Zealand.

Before anyone cries that my expedition is a one off and Valve couldn't have possibly foreseen the situation, my response is the Steam Survey clearly shows that bathtub gaming sessions are now the hallmark of modern gaming on the go.

You are braver than most men, including myself. I Wouldn't even let my phone near water, let alone in a plastic waterproof case.

Damn it there goes my hope of sitting in a boat shouting encouragement through a megaphone while you swam backstroke with the plastic bag chained to your wrist, I really hope you reconsider, if you do I assure you I will drop the plan to motivate you by dressing you in shark attractant yellow and silver cloth while playing Jaws music.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 23 July 2021

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