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Chazore said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Jaystwocents did some initial testing with Evga 3090 + New World. Now this is after a patch that amazon released that capped the menu to 60.

While the card didn't break... There were some wtf things.

Firstly at 57% core utilization, it was drawing nearly 100% power. And the more weird thing is that they capped the power limiter at 107% but the actual power draw % was at around 120%...

They tested with an MSI card and that stayed within the power limits so it's certainly an Evga thing in their testing. It was also making some weird noises but the card ended up not dying so maybe whatever the problem the game had got fixed? He did talk to Evga customer service for those that are broken and they are already getting replacements so they don't have to wait long to get replacements. He also said people have been contacting him with other cards having issues with this game:

Idk how legit that is but FTW3 3090 is certainly the most popular.

I'ma be brutal and just say that NW looks pretty generic as fuck for an MMO. I was watching snippets of early gameplay on Disco servers and the game straight up looks like XIV, just less shiny and vivid, and well, generic like most MMO's out there, and yet that game bricks multiple GPU's....

I swear Amazon has no clue on how to make an MMO, let alone a non generic one.

I think BDO had semi decent visuals, but they gender locked classes and made the game more PVP/"community driven" (as in letting users fuck over and control territory/markets), so fuck'em for that. 

Yea I never even heard of this game until all this fuss about GPUs dying. Least I can add to the reason of me not playing it lol.


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