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eva01beserk said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Can you tell me where they said it's weaker than an x1 cause I don't recall but it is a long video so I may have missed it.

They said its runing console settinga at 720p. They dint specifically said its weaker. It's my take. But again its on handheld mode. I'm sure it can do better like the switch docked. 

But that memory bandwidth is what I'm concern with. I'm not expert on this but if the GPU can match the ps4 but the bandwidth can't what will the bottle neck if any affect performance? 

Afaik, there won't be a difference in performance between docked vs battery. I believe they mentioned that as it will be 15 watts max all the time. It is able to run Control at low settings at 30fps which apparently is "console equivalent" according to DF. The key thing they iterated is that they aren't actually sure how it's going to run and yea, the 15 watt is concerning but also remember that RDNA 2 is significantly more efficient than Vega/GCN ever was. So it's one of those wait and see. But I highly doubt it will be weaker than x1 based on the tests they have shown so far.

I wouldn't worry about the bandwidth. At 88GB/s with RDNA 2 that has Delta Color Compression and etc, it requires much less bandwidth than GCN ever did. Hence why so many people are impressed if you look at various articles and sites talking about it. DF was also impressed with the bandwidth that it got. You combine that with that fact that it targets 720p where as a PS4/X1 tries to target 1080p, it will be plenty.


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