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hinch said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Also my sister's Alienware M15 R5 with the 5800H and 3070 laptop has arrived!

The keyboard has a mechanical blue switch per key RGB but man. I tried typing on it and it feels ridiculously good. The screen also has no backlight bleed and gets super bright. It's very comparable to my XPS 17 which has a 500 nit display. I'd say it's a bit dimmer but a lot more bright than the old Asus gaming laptop which has 300 nits. So it's probably around 400sh if I had to guess. The speakers are mehish. I did update all the software/BIOS and got rid of most of the bloat. The new BIOS update enabled the MUX switch which this panel isn't supposed to have. Least it wasn't advertised on the website so it should put it in line with other 3070s. I did check the cuda cores and it does have the full amount. The noise when gaming in balance mode is good. I did buy her a laptop stand so she doesn't use it on her bed.

The build overall is solid. The Asus laptops I usually get are mostly plastic except the lid where as this is mostly metal. I am asically fangirling because I always wanted to get an Alienware and now we have one even though it's for my sister. I think my next dedicated gaming laptop might be Alienware but I might delay it until Lovelace/RDNA 3.

Nice one grats, looks awesome. Never owned an Alienware before though always been envious of the industrial design and build of their PC's.

Beast of a laptop in specs and even outdoes a lot of desktops, including mine lol. Enjoy!

Thanks! It was surprisingly cheap for an Alienware. Typically Alienware laptops with 3070s around here costs $2500-2700 including discounts. This one costed $1700 including discounts thanks to the Ryzen CPU. I will say the alienware command center which is what you use to control RGB and etc is very confusing.  Like it looks pretty but the UI makes like no sense. Least the battery life is amazing. It's comparable to my Dell XPS 17 which has an i7 8 core and 2060 Max Q which is effectively a potato compared to this beast! Of course the XPS 17 is slim and etc but still. We have come a long way from shit 2 hour battery days on these gaming laptops.


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