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AMD RDNA 3 GPUs To Be More Power Efficient Than NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPUs, Navi 31 & Navi 33 Tape Out Later This Year

Now there's quite a lot of tweets which is pretty easy to scroll through if you are interested but essentially, AMD is giving it's all with this RDNA 3. Nvidia gonna have a hard time competing with Lovelace if these rumours are true. I think there's a good change RDNA 3 will beat Lovelace.

PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT with 8GB GDDR6 memory listed by New Zealand retailer

With shit prices of course

Design-related EVGA problem instead of NVIDIA issue? EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 vs. Amazon’s New World and first insights | Exclusive

"As I was able to find out, it is not an area of the voltage converter that is affected by the failure, but the “Fan Control IC”, i.e. the chip for the actual fan control, which is said to be completely burnt out in the worst case. We do remember that EVGA is also working with various additional temperature sensors on the board to better adjust the cooling, based on my research at the time. This is also evidenced by submissions from the aggrieved parties who reported extreme fan whine."

"In addition, there are also countless safety mechanisms on the Turing and Ampere cards that monitor currents and temperatures. So you wouldn’t need this solution at all, because measuring in the chip (NVIDIA) is still more accurate than beside the chip (EVGA), especially since the sensors used are quite sluggish. But why the chip for the fan control should burn out now, probably only the board layouters at EVGA themselves know. It is interesting and a good indicator in this context that NVIDIA has already asked the other board partners whether they also use such designs."

Oh Evga, how low have you fallen. We will see what the actual reasons are but there does seem to be a high failure rate with Evga 3090s according to some people and if that's true and if this is the reason, it's quite a shame. Asus really is the go to GPU for Nvidia AIB this generation. TUF and Strix are both very well made and have some of the best PCB designs out there (according to buildzoid). It just sucks they are so hard to get.

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