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Wednesday news, part two:

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is making a game now
Major Hollywood director Neill Blomkamp is venturing into the world of gaming, and he's working on a big multiplayer shooter.
Blomkamp—the brains behind Chappie, Elysium and the excellent District 9—has joined the recently formed Gunzilla Games as its chief visionary officer. He'll be working on a currently unannounced AAA multiplayer shooter, working with the studio to define the game's overall design, storytelling, audio and more. Blomkamp told IGN that his role is "an egalitarian version of being a film director," saying that he'll be "bringing directorial skills" from his films to "the aesthetic of the game."

Solve a posh murder as a young Hercule Poirot this September
There are only two guarantees in life: fabulously wealthy snobs are gonna murder each other in ornate mansions, and detective Hercule Poirot is gonna gather them all in a parlor and explain at great length how he figured out who's guilty.
>> But... young Hercule Poirot was a Belgian police officer, not a PI.

After more than ten years it's still 'too soon' to say when Beyond Good and Evil 2 might be out
It's been a long time since we last heard anything about Beyond Good and Evil 2, the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed action-adventure that will very soon be 20 years old. In fact, pretty much everything over the past few years has only emphasized its continued absence from existence, including its exclusion from all of Ubisoft's E3 presentations since 2019. Even BG&E creator Michel Ansel got tired of waiting for it: He left Ubisoft in September 2020, after more than 30 years at the company.
>> My guess is that it will launch between "when no one cares" and "never".

Hearthstone's next expansion has a Priest card that straight up kills opponents on the spot
Regular readers will be aware of my contempt for Hearthstone's Priest class. As far as I'm concerned, the degenerates who choose to main it, those players who actively seek out marathon matches in which they steal all their opponents' cards and generally make everyone's life more miserable, are the very same kids who pulled the legs off spiders at school. With that out of the way: check out this crazy new Priest card.

XDefiant will be exclusive to Ubisoft's store on PC at launch
Ubisoft is reaching far and wide with its new 6v6 competitive shooter Tom Clancy's XDefiant. Not only is it coming to PC and every console at the price of free, but it's also aiming to have full crossplay support on day one. On PC, however, XDefiant's availability will be limited. The game isn't coming to Steam or the Epic Games Store at launch, and there's no guarantee it ever will.

Fallout 76 adding customizable private servers for Fallout 1st subscribers
When Bethesda released Fallout 76 back in 2018, players almost immediately began asking for private servers. And when they got those (premium) private servers in 2019, players had another request: make the servers customizable. This one's taken longer.

Steam Next Fest drops another payload of demos this October
The first Steam Next Fest happened just last month and boasted more than 700 demos, but Valve isn't slowing down: another edition of the virtual event is kicking off on October 1 and running for a whole week. Once again, developer livestreams and "chats with teams about their games in progress" will take place amid the mad rush to sample upcoming games.

Skull and Bones is 'too big to fail', despite eight years of tortured development
A multiplayer expansion to Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. An open-sea survival game. A session-based multiplayer deathmatch. Ubisoft Singapore's Skull and Bones has been many things over the past decade, with past and current developers describing the eight years of mismanagement stopping Skull and Bones from setting sail in a new report from Kotaku.

Play a free, broken twist on Tetris every Tuesday
Everyone's played Tetris. It's solid, simple, satisfying. But if it's a little too boring for your tastes, one indie developer is uploading a new cursed remix of the venerable block dropper on for free every Tuesday.
Every week, Tetrible (by developer Henri) updates with a brand new twist on Tetris. For example, this week's edition adds tiny Tetronimos to the mix, frequently forcing you to slot in half-sized blocks. Lines can be cleared at this level, which also ends up shearing your normal blocks in half, punching countless tiny holes into your plans.

Stardew Valley creator shares a game-changing tip hardly anyone noticed
Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has shared a handy tip to get through the early-game community centre slog.
Well, Barone has shared a nifty way to quickly know if an item in your bag is one that's needed for the community centre. In a tweet, he revealed that the community centre icon in your inventory will gently pulsate if you're hovering over an item that needs to be donated.

Gnarly concept art from The Thing's cancelled sequel game emerges online
In 2002, now-defunct developer Computer Artworks ceased work on a sequel to John Carpenter's The Thing. 20 years later, concept artist Ron Ashtiani has given us a host of gruesome monster designs that have crept in the shadows for far too long.

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