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The Wednesday news:


GOG has a new sale and a new release:

Steam has two new daily deals and five new Midweek Madness deals:

Fanatical has two new deals:


Steam's Big Picture mode will be replaced by Steam Deck's UI
A Valve spokesperson has confirmed that Steam's Big Picture mode will be replaced by the Steam Deck's user interface. Big Picture mode is Steam's version of a console-like user interface: It can be navigated using a controller, and was pretty slick back when Steam Machines were still possibly going to change the console landscape (spoiler: they didn't). To say that Big Picture has grown long in the tooth is maybe an understatement, as it hasn't received a major refresh since 2015.




New details surface for IO Interactive’s James Bond game, will be third-person
In November 2020, IO Interactive announced a new official James Bond game, codenamed Project 007. And today, a couple of new details about it have emerged via a job listing.
>> So, it will be Hitman but with a haired protagonist. Not a bad thing.

Konami’s PES series is now officially a free-to-play game, PC version won’t have next-gen graphics
Konami has officially announced that its Pro Evolution Soccer series will be now renamed to eFootball. eFootball promises to be an all-new football simulation platform, and will be free to play on all devices.

New gameplay footage surfaces from Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s latest Alpha Test
Game Informer has shared a video, showing 16 minutes of gameplay footage from Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s latest Alpha Test. In addition, Nick930 shared a comparison video between Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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