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sundin13 said:
Rab said:

Polls of Democrat voters has shown there is a dislike of Kamala Harris, the Democrat brand has diminished amongst voters, there is little enthusiasm around the brand as the Dems are seen as not doing enough and tone deaf to the plights of the people

The Dems have targeted race and gender and NOT competence as the most important reason to hire someone, "vote blue no matter who" is killing the party that should be all about polices like M4A   

After a historical advantage in the senate, the do nothing Dems will be done in the 2022 midterms due to their uninspiring leadership, that even its voters want to distance themselves from   

The Dems are currently pushing what would be one of the biggest and most important bills of our lifetime, and it looks like they have a chance of getting it passed in some form. While I understand frustrations regarding the speed of Washington, implications that they are just sitting on their hands waiting for 2022 are nonsense, and implying that any of this has to do with race and gender or "Vote Blue" is baffling. 

I hope you are right, and we get to see a lot of positive changes, one area I'm really worried about is getting policies passed that deal with climate change, it appears Dem senator Joe Manchin is backing the fossil fuel industry, he could really throw a spanner in the works, also the parliamentarian could be a real problem with some of the more progressive policies, polls do show that voters aren't that thrilled with the Dem leadership right now, hopefully they pull through with this massive bill