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Lite and Original Switch I'm sure have very large profit margins at this point, so I would expect OLED to not be any higher than those are.

And I'd bet OLED drops to $300 to replace the original perhaps late 2022. Then Nintendo could do the first real price cut for the Switch in maybe late 2023 dropping Lite/OLED to $150/$250 to keep it selling strong through to a holiday 2024 Switch 2 launch as they will probably still want Switch to be selling quite well when Switch 2 comes out.

Don't think there is any "pro" Switch in the works. The rumors of 4k DLSS I think were definitely just intel from Switch 2 prototypes being mixed up with intel from the OLED model.

OLED model is fairly priced because original model is at $300 and they're obviously not going to put it on sale when Switch is once again this year the second hottest selling system ever behind the DS's best years. It would make no business sense to have the OLED any less than $350. But the sales decline should start for Switch next year, so it shouldn't take too terribly long to see the OLED model fall to $300 and the original likely gets discontinued.