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Leynos said:
Chazore said:

You made two doom and gloom posts bud, no need to put words in your ,outh when you're doing it for me. 

Don't like it, don't comment and move on. Practice what you preach. 

No one was talking to you. You quoted me. I never spoke to you. I never said Valve sucked. It's just people should keep their expectations in check. You got offended. Poor you. Who cares. Valve has a history of bad hardware support. That's a statement of fact not dooming. Sorry your feelings got hurt over plastic.

Some of us actually have our expectations in check though lol. It's the retards on the net like that troll image you posted from an actual troll that create overhype and misinformation.

I'm not even remotely offended, I just think you're a dude who's very doomy gloomy and have been since you got here. Valve doesn't have a history of bad hardware support though, if you'd actually read where you got that insipid image from, and what Yuri posted on the main PC thread, you would know, but you don't, so I'm calling  you out on that.