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TheBraveGallade said:

there is one huge difference with storage space between the switch and this thing that many people are forgetting.
To some users, mostly thouse who go phisical, you don't really need that much memory unless the devs force it, an the switch. Ergo to quite a large portion of the audience, ay extra space they put in is effectivly wasted money.
steam deck not only does not have this option but its games are bulkier, sometimes by 2, 3, or 4 times in size on PC.

a 500 GB card is near endless on the switch, how much does 500GB get you on your gaming laptop?

Here's my plan. I have multiple portable SSD's that can easily travel with me. I can easily get a USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter in the rare scenario I want to move games around while I am away from my internet. Since this is a PC the process of transferring games is seemless.

I reserved the 512GB internal memory model. A 512 GB SD card would give it about as much portable memory as the PS5 and XBX. 512 GB SSD speeds and 512 GB of HDD - early SATA SSD speeds depending on which SD card I buy.

Games that are cracked can have multiple languages removed and other content changes that enable me to reduce their size on PC. These are called 'repacks.' 

This means my memory situation on this is much better than on my XBX or my future PS5. 

I can probably have half a dozen AAA games on my internal memory + SD Card at any one time, and then a half dozen more on each portable SSD I keep in my backpack. 

That should be enough. 

Last edited by sc94597 - on 17 July 2021