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Dulfite said:

What's up with the Switch hardware drop? They run out again?

Also, I'm surprised Rise didn't show up again along with Story 2. Come to think of it, is Rise having worse legs than past Nintendo MH games have had in Japan, like 3 or 4?

If it's still at this level next week, then it's most likely either demand finally starting to be satisfied or people deciding to wait for Switch OLED. Currently, the Switch Hybrid is readily available, so if next week is also 70K it will confirm that its demand slowing down if it goes up above 90K then obviously, that's not the case.

In terms of Rise, most prior Monster Hunter games launched in the holidays, so I'd recommend we wait until Obon/December before talking about the legs since it's not the best comparison especially when considering the game has surpassed 3.5 million with digital a month ago and we are likely to see a few more updates for those holiday periods.