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Azzanation said:

You are acting like Sony are giving GOT away for free. Far from the case. 

This is Sony trying to justify selling their PS4 games at PS5 price because they can, and instead of being critical, you are praising this habit.

Sony could have the decency to honor their PS5 customers. Instead they are using PS5 customers as whales and adding fees on features that probably took one guy in Sony's office on his regular salary to implement. Sony want to make millions off the idea and you have opened your wallet instead of questioning. 

If you like paying extra than suit yourself, However its that attitude which is why we end up with shitty business practices.

I'm not praising anything, I'm just saying the price increase is long overdue.
By your logic Sony should have raised the price of GoT on ps4 to $70 as well.
The generational transition is a good break to set prices at a more realistic point.

Why do you keep insisting haptic feedback and the other extras are no work to implement? One guy? What are you smoking.

Shitty business practice would be, no extras, no BC, no upgrade path. Just the old way, ps4 version $60, ps5 version $70. Except that wouldn't even be shitty, just realistic pricing without adding confusion. Same as Blu-ray next to 4K Blu-ray prices. There it really only takes one guy to push one button to generate a blu-ray master next to a 4K blu-ray master. Here you get ps5 specific optimizations, next to extras and new content in the form of haptic feedback and lipsync, with the possibility to upgrade or simply play the ps4 version in BC mode with better stability and faster loading times.

You're just complaining for the sake of complaining. If you want to complain about shitty business practices look into why Google is currently being sued in 36 states or DRM causing stuttering in RE7 on PC (reported cracked versions run stutter free)

Adjusting prices based on inflation is not shitty business practice. Blame your government for that.