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I completed my world tour, exploring all content FS2020 has to offer.
Made it round ahead of the XBox release on the 27th :)

It took 322 days in 323 legs (crossed the date line) from August 23rd 2020 to July 10th 2021
321,741 NM traveled (375,253 miles / 595,864 km, over 1.5 times the distance to the moon) with 7146 stops.
Total flight time 2,589 hours and 52

243 countries, sovereign territories and island nations visited.

Full route

I documented the entire journey here with 13,682 total screenshots (including maps and local views)

Most fun was airport hopping in bad weather through Papua New Guinea, dealing with low visibility and steep small runways.
The USA provides the most detail with over 250 photogrammetry areas. (mostly 2014/2015 data)
Europe is next with just over 50 photogrammetry areas. (London is the most detailed, about 44 GB of data for London)
Then Canada with 11 detailed cities and Japan and Australia both with 6 detailed cities.

Texture (Bing Map) quality is worst in the far North (Northern Canada, Greenland, Siberia), China and parts of central Africa.
Best in the USA but there are also spots with problems.

Some shots






New York

Los Angeles

And of course tons more of mountains, volcanoes, islands, deserts, glaciers, forests, reefs, even some areas with wildlife

All enhanced with an amazing weather system, providing the most beautiful sunsets

10/10 game with (free) new content releasing every month (alternating with sim updates and world updates)

I was truly an amazing experience to explore the world this way!