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Azzanation said:

Floored argument, GOT is not a PS5 game, the sooner you understand that, the better.

SvennoJ said:

Prices increase gradually, at some point you make a break to a higher price point. This generation is the break.

Game prices in Canada have been going up step wise for a long time cause economy. At PS4 launch the Canadian dollar had parity with the US dollar, by the end of the generation games were CAD 80 instead of CAD 60. Same games, same system, 20 dollars more!!! How dare they ask more money when money loses its value over time.

New PS5 games are now 89.99 here, Ghost of Tsushima ps4 version 79.99, PS5 version 89.99. When the exchange rate goes up and down prices don't follow along immediately either, and get adjusted in 5 dollar increments. I paid CAD 160 for FS2020... (still a bargain for what you get)

PS2 games were $50 in 2000, adjusted for inflation that is currently $78.16
It hit $60 in 2007, PS3 released in 2006 with $60 games
It hit $67 in 2013 at the PS4 release, games stayed at $60
Now it's adjusted to $70, undervalued still

The disease that's spreading (for a long time) is games not being valued anymore. Since cheap digital games, free to pay, early discounts, bundles, ps+ and other rental services people have grown used to getting stuff for little or nothing. A game studios have gone under and now we only have indies and AAA left as only AAA is allowed to ask for 'full' price, while the low indie prices can't support the middle ground. Diversity in big games is getting less as more and more copies have to be sold to make it profitable. If the trend continues we'll be left with GTA, CoD and small indies and a whole bunch of free to pay continuously games.

This isnt about inflation. This is about paying extra for something you should be getting anyway. The game and DLC is not free, infact we are paying top price for an old game, thats fine but why do PS5 owners get scupled? Shouldn't the benefits of the PS5 be built in, shouldn't Sony look after there premium customers?

With your logic, you wont be against future charges like if Sony decide to charge extra, every time a game uses the full capability of the PS5 SSD because it costs money to implement right? 

This $10 charge is the exact same logic except with the controller.

This is about paying extra for something you should be getting anyway.

Nope, that's where you are fundamentally wrong. You are not entitled to any new content after the sale is completed, unless specifically stated otherwise.

With my logic PS5 games will stay $70 and you have already paid the $10 difference ;)