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IcaroRibeiro said:

Does Canada have 1 hour break for lunch? We have in Brazil and it does wonders for us to recover. With home offices tech companies are now incredibly lax with how many time you extend your launch break as long you still met your deadlines and weekly work hours, I can easily eat in 15 minutes and than just take a nap for more one and half hours if I'm feeling stressed or tired

Plus we have an habit to make friends in workspace, hence we spend some time chatting. This make us indeed less productive overall, but make a 8 hours job less exhausting

Curiously I feel I'm chatting MORE now working at home then at office. At office I was silent 99% of the time, because I wasn't alone in the room and I find infuriating when people start to talk out loud when I'm coding. At home I can create chat rooms among the closer friends and shit talk once or twice a day

Plus no more commuting, used to spend almost 3 hours a day taking a bus. Today I can wake up 30 minutes before working and everything is alright

That all makes crunch time much more bearable. Currently I'm working about 50 hours a week and I'm feeling less exhausted than when I was working 40 at office, and this comes with a ~35% increase in my paycheck which is just a nice bonus 

The company I worked for (Dutch company) did not consider lunch break part of work time. You can take a long lunch if you want, but were expected to stay later and work (at least) 8 hours.

Working from home has advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the obvious walk over to someone else to figure something out quickly, I found that not having that commute kept me in work mode longer. I had to go out to clear my mind or stay in a vegative state for hours after work. I also tended to crunch longer at home since no bus to catch. At work, if I missed the last bus, it meant working through the night. (Then first bus home, shower, breakfast, back to work lol)

Plus in the office we usually went somewhere together after work, thus not working late and immediate break from work. Couple drinks on the way back, food, go to each others places to hang out or into town to a club. Being more exhausted from working at the office was because of partying too hard after work!

Not having the morning commute is golden though. Especially in winter, waiting for overcrowded public transport in miserable weather. Sometimes having to skip a train cause it was full, can't squeeze more people in there. Working from home was a lot healthier as well. For lunch options we basically had a canteen in a warehouse setup or Mc Donald's for a break away from the office. Then Burger King was on the way back where we switched from bus to train, so many days it was McDs for lunch, BK for dinner :/