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Kyuu said:
ironmanDX said:

What was included in that patch? Most single player games have a mp component. Most games have been patched to hit 4k60, for free.

I mean... It's not really beyond what most publishers do at all, You can't applaud them for not charging for a patch.... It's a patch.

I have no problem with them charging additional money for additional content. That isn't the issue. An expansion is an expansion. Charge what you will.

It's not realy about the price increase either. It's more a debate of what should and shouldnt be chared for in the first place.

Hell, even CDPR are releasing a next generation patch for CB2077 soon... I'm sure as hell not going to be appluading them and their pro consumerism if it's for free and I'm a huge fan of their work. 100% that game, I'll go back and do a quick playthrough again of the story when it drops too. They can still get $#^%d for what they pulled.

They added unexpected free content they never promised for a single-player game everyone was very happy about, including a co-op mode with original environments/themes and a gameplay mechanic. It's nothing like your examples. I'm not applauding them for the patch alone, but rather the collective effort. You tried to present them as being worse than EA and Ubisoft in a way. Their performance/resolution patch is not worse than EA and Ubisoft's typical free upgrades, and the free content was unexpected and great.

GoT wasn't an unfinished piece of crap with a million broken promises. Cyberpunk was and still is.

No, I'm saying even companies like EA and Ubisoft are moving forward with this industry standard and am struggling as to why Sony isn't.

Cyberpunk is I agree. Biggest disaster last year. The point remains, they're not charging for the improvements made and the ones to come including the full next gen patch. Why should they?

You don't have to buy a new upgrade for your software on PC when you get a new CPU/GPU, why is the standard being set on the already software restricted console space?