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Azzanation said:
SvennoJ said:

You don't have to pay extra to play the game on PS5, enough with the fud.

The $10 fee is for haptic feedback, 3D audio and optimizations to run at 4K 60. Stuff that required work to implement. You can play it in BC mode for free (with unlocked frame rate maybe I don't know)

XBox doesn't have a new controller, no extra work and you can use the old controller. (Btw you can't use a DS4 with FH4, try it. MS doesn't allow players to use any controller they want)

Good is always subjective, some people don't see GOT in the same light as those praising it and yet they now have to put up with the business practices because people just don't care about how they are being treated.

Why would those people want to play the game on ps5 again then? If it's so good they want to play it again, why not give the developers a little extra to enjoy it again with added features.

What is the distinction?
Pay extra for DLC (requires work) ok.
Pay extra for new game play features (requires work) bad?

If you don't think haptic feedback and 3D audio are worth the cost, then simply play it in BC mode. And if too few people don't want to pay for the new features, next time Sony won't bother adding new features, simple.

My point is Xbox allows you to play with XB1 or XSX controllers, not forcing you to buy the latest controllers. Sony are now charging you to utilize the features of their new controllers on some games like GOT.

You own the hardware, you own the software, you own 3D audio and the controller when you make the purchase, now as a customer you would expect to be able to access these features you have paid for. With this exact case, you have to now pay an additional fee on top of all the money you have already spent. Whats even worse if GOT Directions Cut is being sold at full price for a last gen game so its not like Sony isn't making enough money on the product already made. Its also a 1st party title so you would think that Sony would be looking after their customers by offering these features for free to those who have paid good money for their products, instead they are making their customers pay a little more when its not necessary.

The issue isn't the price point of $10, its the principle. Why do Sony customers have to pay an additional $10 to utilize hardware they already own on a 1st party game? Like i said, i am okay with charging a little extra for the actual DLC but to pay more for a PS5 upgrade is milking the audience, especially when their direct competitor offers it all for free. You are being bent over and allowing them to by supporting the practice and justifying it because its a game you like. This isnt about the quality of the game, its about the poor business practice towards good paying customers.

If you want to support the game so badly, than buy the game again, don't praise or allow them to get away with these decisions, because this will affect customers long term with future coming games and builds a anti-consumer business model which will hang around like a bad smell. Nintendo continue to get away with releasing old games and selling them at full price because everyone still buys them because they have no other choice, in this case, Xbox is showing you can clearly do this without charging extra for their customers and this should demand a business standard much like how PC games work and how it should have always worked.

Its your money at the end of the day, however not everyone wants to support the idea of being abused by a system that shouldn't exist. Id say let the voices be heard so companies can listen and start rethinking some of their ideas, much like EA with Battlefront 2 or Microsoft with the XB1 launch or Sony with the PS3 launch.

Again, you do not have to pay extra to play with a dualsense controller nor to play the game on PS5. They charge for the extra work to implement haptic feedback. You may think that's trivial, but that's a change in the engine to calculate how to translate all interactions to haptic actuators.

You also paid for the speaker in the DS4, not all games use it, same with the track pad and motion controls. That the HW is capable of something extra, doesn't mean all games automatically use it, or that it doesn't cost extra work to make use of the extra features.

MS doesn't offer it all for free, they don't even have haptic feedback. Plus are you annoyed with MS as well that Halo Infinite will have season passes while their direct competitor offered all updates to GT Sport for free?

Why do you call it abuse when a developer wants to get paid for their work? Not every company has the money MS has to disrupt the normal business practice of charging money for work. The abuse is the other way around, shouting how dare developers ask money for their extra work.

Btw if I plug a dual sense into my laptop, will all games automatically have haptic feedback? The comparison with PC is completely flawed.

All XBox shows is that they're backed by a 2 trillion dollar company... Got their by milking their PC customers for all they could get away with, Office 365 ugh.

everyone still buys them because they have no other choice Nope you don't have the choice not to buy something, no sir, you must buy! Good consumer, keep on consuming. There is plenty choice, like an XBox with Gamepass, for those that don't want to get 'abused'.