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Kyuu said:
ironmanDX said:

Perception is key. All of thse underlined features are things that games simply get patched in, at no additional cost all the time. 

Also, paying money to fully utilise your controller features is harsh too.

Looks poor next to other companies with less than stellar reputautions like EA and Ubisoft who have offered upgrades to games for free.

Sony already released a free "EA/Ubisoft tier" upgrade for Ghost of Tsushima (same with Days Gone), patched a whole gameplay mechanic (lock on), and added a chunky multiplayer mode, all of which free of charge. This is far beyond what most publishers do. I'm not a fan of a lot of the things Sony is doing but we gotta tone down the rhetoric. If you think lipsync, DualSense utilization, 3D audio, etc don't justify the mild price increase, then avoid upgrading and stick to the generous enhancements and additions already applied. They've done more than enough proconsumer moves with GoT of all games for us to act so pissy.

What was included in that patch? Most single player games have a mp component. Most games have been patched to hit 4k60, for free.

I mean... It's not really beyond what most publishers do at all, You can't applaud them for not charging for a patch.... It's a patch.

I have no problem with them charging additional money for additional content. That isn't the issue. An expansion is an expansion. Charge what you will.

It's not realy about the price increase either. It's more a debate of what should and shouldnt be chared for in the first place.

Hell, even CDPR are releasing a next generation patch for CB2077 soon... I'm sure as hell not going to be appluading them and their pro consumerism if it's for free and I'm a huge fan of their work. 100% that game, I'll go back and do a quick playthrough again of the story when it drops too. They can still get $#^%d for what they pulled.