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OneTime said:

This is simultaneously true, and untrue/not relevant.

Humans are extremely flexible and adaptable. Ultimately, your DNA will only get you to the stage of being a baby. Where you go after that is not particularly related to genetics. Would a caveman/woman's baby be able to grow to live in today's world? Probably. The different is education.

A tree can grow dwarfed and twisted high on the side of a mountain, but it is not thriving  

Humans are behaviourally flexible if needs be, but our resting state would be the one we are most comfortable with, the one we are evolved from, similar to a domestic Horse, it learns to adapt pulling a cart, being flogged, and ending its day locked in a pen or barn alone, but its resting (natural) state is one of a far different environment, arguably the horse would prefer it if the chance was presented, and arguably humans could be happier in our natural state as well, few of us would even know how that might feel, almost all of us have no concept or experience of what our natural state is

Like a domestic pig left living in a small dark pen its whole life, the freedom of the open forest may now seem alien and frightening, it may now even prefer the pen 

We are a self domesticated species, almost no wild humans exist, an animal can get quite use to domestication as it knows no other course          

Last edited by Rab - on 05 July 2021