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Jpcc86 said:

Dont do it at all. Dont introduce him to this curse. Raise him to be a jock.
Break the cycle, rise above.

I can’t actually tell if this is a joke (sorry, maybe I’m too dull) but this struck me. A jock didn’t invent the wheel, a jock didn’t invent electricity and a jock didn’t invent the phone I’m typing on now. Yes, a timid personality and the “geek” label may be a point of contention, but you know what? A jock mostly ends up the same way as the geek but with one difference -  a cocky jock never really develops a mind as they rely on their physical prowess and looks. A geek cultivates their mind and that remains into older age. Btw, you may think I’m saying this as I’m an unfortunate geek with an axe to grind; this couldn’t be further from the truth. I am simply a man who loves video games and it is a huge passion but I love socialising, reading, travelling, working out and being a handsome b*****d who has sex with a lot of guys (I’m gay). 

So, the point being to the OP - if you have a passion you want to share with your son, do it. He may love it, he may not. But by sharing your passion and introducing him to a world that is so diverse and rich and full of art, he will lose nothing. He will be who he is regardless. You sound like a great dad, keep it up!