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HigHurtenflurst said:

The fiscal report is about money, the 3.3 million is the figure Sony counts as sold, manufacturing capability is an internal matter

No, the 3.3M number is the units manufactured. A qr/fj report is a lot more complex than you think. Sony has always reported manufactured consoles, though of course nobody forced them to reveal that unique number, MS hasn't for years now. Aa fj report essentially contains the value of everything down to the last screw manufactured). Sony simply reports this number for bragging against competition. 3.3M consoles were manufactured in the Jan to Mar quarter, end of story. How this number transfers into value in the report is impossible to tell. Certainly the manufacturing costs go into the - part of the report. Sold numbers go into the + part, unsold numbers probably are in the inventory part of the report (at what value is anyone's guess).