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HoangNhatAnh said:
drkohler said:

Last fiscal year report Jan-Mar showed 4.5M to 7.8M units manufactured, 3.3M per that quarter. If we assume manufacturing has't decreased and not yet increased, we get another 3.3M units, so 11.1M by June 30.

I saw a stealth adjustment on the front page. it was 9.19M + 200k = 9.34M now, so a downward stealth edit of 50k. I'd guess somehow you are insisting on the wrong direction (unless the Sony fj report was "stacked" which I find unlikely). Can't wait to see the next quarterly report...

Bold: that's already enough to know what you mean. No real number or proof, all are meaningless.

The irony is that this very site is just one big assumption as well with no "real" number or proof unless taken from official sources, hence the constant adjustments month after month, quarter after quarter when real or more reliable data comes in. 

Based on all the adjustments in the last quarter, drkohler's estimate is entirely possible and is in no way better or worse than VGChartz estimates. There have been times when they even made adjustments in the multimillions. Either way, we will all find out in about a months time when Sony announces their quarterly numbers.