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Flilix said:

Hunter-gatherers actually had better lifes than the first farmers. They had to work a lot less and got far less diseases. However, agriculture became a thing out of necessity. There's only a very limited number of hunter-gatherers (like a few million at most) that can live on this planet.

Interestingly that is true

It's also true that many things we have done has improved our survival, and by extension our population, but we are still Hunter Gatherers by nature 

As Hunter Gatherers we had more time to ourselves, with our families, things were at a scale we easily understood, nutritionally as well we were better, before agriculture people were taller with better teeth, we rapidly decreased in height and tooth health at the start of agriculture, material wealth and powerful individuals with armed groups they controlled started to become a thing, "protection" tax became a thing, money lending became a thing, better weapons to kill and organised thugs (armies) became a thing, life just got a lot more complicated, this has had devastating affects on mental health that can affect all generations directly or indirectly             

Last edited by Rab - on 03 July 2021