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Verter said:
JRPGfan said:

Disco Elysium, Little Nightmares II, Subnautica: Below Zero,.... games that dont feel like they came from indie teams lol.

Disco Elysium is 100% worth a play.

Thanks for pointing that out! I have a quite relaxed criteria (so to speak) when I'm deciding if I should include a game or not, so there are games that are not exactly indies and I include them because either they or the companies making them are small enough or not known enough (which is not the case with the ones you mentioned lol).

But I'm open to suggestions and have no problems taking games off the list. Why do you think those you mentioned don't fit here?

Maybe they do fit :)  (have no idea about studios behinde them, or costs of developement or team sizes) (cba to go look things up)

I just think those games stand out, from the others.
Ei. their better, and have done better (I assume, in terms of sales), simply because their quality is very high.

Disco Elysium is fantastic.