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sundin13 said:

In order to "stop people", you would need to close the borders which would be disastrous policy. Even the Republicans wouldn't be so stupid. As previously stated, the majority of contraband enters the country not by people sneaking across the border, but by people entering legally at ports of entry. A fence isn't going to help you with that. What would help, is improving the technology available at ports of entry to be better able to detect hidden contraband. 

Except, Australia has successfully stopped drug, weapon, people trafficking for the most part... Now the main ways to traffick drugs into our nation is via boats and planes through legal means, which we screen rather heavily thanks to border force.

Prior to that we had 51,000 people illegally come to our shores during the previous government term, they brought with them guns, drugs, disease, pests and other issues with them.
Thousands died at sea trying to get here... And I do Marine Rescue. - So I am directly involved in assisting these individuals when they fall into our response area... And I can assure you, their safety was at risk. It's not just our safety. It's everyone's.

That doesn't mean we don't want those people here... Far from it. We want them to follow our rules and regulations so we can screen-out extremism and criminals... And we have a framework for that.

Secure borders absolutely works.

sundin13 said:

As for your comment about how every nation needs secure borders for the safety of the citizens, immigrants, both documented and undocumented, commit less violent crime that natural born citizens. If we want to act in the interest of safety, it would perhaps be best to deport the Americans and let the immigrants have the country. While there is certainly some criminality which crosses the border (as mentioned above), a fence is a pretty piss poor way of combatting it (as mentioned above). 

It is absolutely about safety and control.

How many people have illegally crossed the USA border without any regards for COVID? Hundreds of thousands I imagine.
It's not -just- about crime rate.  - Being safe and secure is a much larger umbrella than your deduction to a binary issue.

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