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Rab said:
IvorEvilen said:

It's not.  The situation has actually been improving, and Kamala Harris in particular has been appointed the role of addressing the instability that is leading to such an influx of people from our southern neighbors.

This is why the media has been paying less attention to the border.  It's less of an immediate crisis than it was a few months ago, and now just one among many high profile issues competing for our attention.  That being said, I hear about this issue pretty regularly from the media outlets I typically follow, so I find it pretty disingenuous to say the media is intentionally burying the issue.

My interpretation of this thread is that certain individuals desperately want people to see Biden being just as bad as Trump by utilizing bad faith arguments.

I've been seeing a lot of MAGAs suddenly caring about kids at the border on social media too... And the hypocracy to the cruelty they supported for years is enough to make my eyes bleed.  But it's not about the kids to them.  It about making Biden look bad.

Edit: Split up the last paragraph, because I didn't want it to seem like I was inferring political allegiances.  It was merely an anecdote.

This is based off a BBC report not from previous Trump supporters or from any other US based political group, the issues are real  

I'm not saying they are not.  I am skeptical, as I will be of any report that features evidence such as interviews with people who won't share their identity and video clips that can be faked or taken out of context (ala Planned Parenthood).  That being said, I think it should be looked into.  Which it sounds like it will be, based on the reports I've seen?

The reason the story didn't pick up traction is not part of some conspiracy, it's because the evidence was lacking and the story isn't a far departure from the kinds of conditions people would expect from an emergency camp.  Especially in Texas, where the state has been openly hostile towards any facility attempting to house children that crossed the border.  We are trying to fix the system.  Conditions are not going to be rosy overnight, especially when you consider the types of people drawn to this kind of work at the moment.

If I came on strong, I apologize.  I'm not trying to be a Biden Stan, but immigration is one of those topics that often devolves into good/evil.  I don't agree with Biden's immigration policies.  I'm more progressive on the subject.  But comparing (or implying) Biden to Trump is 100% a bad faith read.  At least to me.