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Mr Puggsly said:

The situation is improving?

Its a disaster and Kamala hasn't done anything. She refuses to even visit the border because it would be bad optics. The media is paying less attention because they're protecting the people in power, period.

Biden and Trump are not equal. There has been a massive influx since Biden got in because he invited them. He encouraged them. Many more also sneak in than get captured and no effort if any is made to find out who is here. I'm pretty sure the US is the only country that seems to be okay with so many undocumented people roaming around.

I personally never cared about the cruelty, my stance was always kick them out and discourage them. What's happening in the detention centers is ineffable hypocrisy. The left treated them as modern day concentration camps, now its something we should ignore out of respect. There is also a complete lack of transparency because it would make the administration look bad. The Trump administration was ironically much more transparent and they certainly didn't have the media defending them.

"I can say quite clearly: Don't come"

You call that an invitation?