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Geoff's first awards show in 2003 had Madden 2004 win Game of the Year and Tony Hawk win best Sports game.

2018 Octopath had the best soundtrack that year but RDR2 won it because they were more popular and paid to be there with a concert or whatever. GOTY awards are a joke. It's a popularity contest, not actual best. Typically games the appeal the the masses win. You will never see a visual novel win even tho a VN has the highest Meta score of any game ever made this year.

You don't really find true creativity in almost every AAA game these days. They're almost always two sides of the same coin. Same kinds of games and often the same franchise over and over. Similar UI, Gameplay, mechanics even if old and tired and can be improved. Are not. People in mass buy it so little reason to make them better. People, in general, don't like to reward truly creative works. People want more of the same in any media. Creatures of habit. Always exceptions. Just as a general rule. Publishers are risk-averse and audiences generally seem to not mind. I think this is why Platinum Games don't sell well. Media Molecule games don't do that great. Housemarque games like Nex Machina or Returnal but still don't really succeed. Why I'm so jaded. 80s-early 2000s in gaming companies made all sorts of new IPs and new ideas. Always trying something new.

SNES launched with 1 est series in Mario and some new IPs like F-Zero and Pilotwings. Now a console launch is, here is this cross-gen 3rd party more of the same.I miss the industry that actually gave a fuck about trying new things.

Side note. VR is about as old as gaming itself.

Last edited by Leynos - on 27 June 2021

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