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smroadkill15 said:

Good review! I've been curious about these. Seems like you get what you pay for. In ways it's average(comfort/size) and others it's better than the budget headset(dolby atmos). 

Pretty much, BUT... I forgot that I got the Dolby Atmos license FREE with my RIG 800LX... That was nearly 4 years ago, though, so yea, I failed to mention that the Dolby Atmos license is extra (you have to buy it...) *sigh* Now I feel bad, like I didn't go a good job as a reviewer because I forgot that I've had the Dolby Atmos license this whole time and that it normally costs extra...

mjk45 said:
ZyroXZ2 said:

After over 100 hours with this headset, how does it fair against my other listening experiences? But more importantly... how many times do I say Dolby Atmos?!

Also, don't tell the world that I got it for $79.99 as opposed to $99.99 lol

I just want to know what happened to this guy and why isn't he reviewing headsets ? he would have worn them over the hat also his accent was more refined.

Pfff, that dude is dead, he was a failure! lol

... Not that the cowboy thing is exactly taking off either...

Pemalite said:

Scored the Lucid LS50x for free a couple weeks ago. Definitely not a bad headset for the Xbox.

That DOES seem like what I expect from MS if they make an Elite version of their official Xbox headset.  Like a lot of shoppers would choose for their Xbox, if given a $250 headset and a $250 Xbox headset, they'd naturally pick the "Xbox" headset.  That's not saying that third-party headset isn't good, but just like shoppers would naturally prefer "Nintendo" accessories, I think MS needs to make a $200-$250 Elite headset for people who want something better while staying with official first-party products!

Having said that, the LS50x having 50mm drivers is naturally going to sound better lol

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