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Rab said:

This interesting video puts the US healthcare system into perspective

It is such a shock for Non-US citizens to see the healthcare costs for US citizens  

Currently the Biden administration with a Democratic majority is doing very little to change this despite Medicare for All (M4A) being hugely popular with voters of all stripes, it seems that making sure heartcare in the US remains a business is the most important outcome for the Dem Establishment 

Their faces :) 

Honestly, that sentence could be used in pretty much any context, the Biden administration is doing very little of anything important, it feels like he's treating his presidency as kind of a "buffer" term after the Trump debacle. Seems like kind of a waste of the Democratic majority, but whatever.

I live in a country where most of healthcare is not free per se, but the government covers most of the cost of hospital visits/medication. I once had to call an ambulance, which was free. Then I was taken to an emergency appointment which cost me €5, and the doctor prescribed me a medication that costs €8 per box (each one lasting two months). And to be honest, that's one of the most expensive medications I've ever had to buy here, most prescribed medication costs less than €5 per box. I have an SOS medication that cost me €1.5, I bought it half a year ago and I still haven't even had to take half of the pills.

And all of those medications are branded, if you want to buy the generic version they're even cheaper. That €8 drug has a €3 generic version.

Overall, the US-American healthcare system (or lack thereof) is pathetic for a developed country. You shouldn't be afraid of going bankrupt because you got sick. You should never not call an ambulance because you don't have the means to pay for it. But then again, everyone with half a brain cell knows that. But now healthcare companies got too big for even the government to be able to oppose them so I don't expect any significant change anytime soon.