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Shadow1980 said:
mjk45 said:

While this shows improvement, looking at the weapons side by side shot shown in the post , the back end of the 2021 gun seems to be out of alignment with the rest of the gun and the  way the hand  is gripping the 2020 gun looks strange compared to the angle of the gun now I know this isn't about graphical improvement but I usually don't notice stuff like this.

If you're talking about the shot in the video's thumbnail, the pistol in the 2021 shot was going through the reload animation. The pistol is clearly being reloaded from empty, and when you empty the mag on a pistol the slide snaps back. In the 2020 video, the pistol is being reloaded without the magazine having been emptied, so the slide was in its normal forward position.

I'm referring to the side by side pics at the beginning of the last embedded video in the thread, it might just be me but in the 2020 pic it's not the gun but the hand positioning in relation to the gun that looks off its no biggy may just be a small error or not just felt strange. the 2021 the perspective in relation to the whole gun looks of when looking at the very rear end near the cuff in the still frame in the animation the slide is open like the still and it looks ok but then again I may be hallucinating.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 25 June 2021

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