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IcaroRibeiro said:

We have this on Brazil and it worked pretty well on early 2000, but 20 years of inflation made the benefit almost meaningless. When the program started the benefit was about 20% of the minimum wage per person in the family, with a limit of 5 people per family

Now it's only 4% of minimum wage, people are just starving again

I think it's more a case of the minimum wage increase above the inflation for several years in a row during Lula/Dilma governments. Also I believe the average amount being paid is much higher than only 4% of the minimum wage.

Also Bolsa Familia is not a true UBI program, there are several rules for people to make part of it and only 14 million families receive the amount. Even when it was created and was more relevant it was just a little bit of help for poor families to buy some food and make sure the kids could stay in school, as the amount was never enough pay for your rent for example. 

It is just a % of the minimum wage, and the minimum wage in Brazil itself is already a sad joke.