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Azzanation said:
Socke said:

I stopped the video very quickly. The comparison is garbage. Real gameplay is compared with a trailer here. Whoever compares something like this must have been living under a rock for years and has absolutely no idea about video games and how marketing works.

You and your 3 likes need to actually watch the entire video.

Claiming a video garbage without actually watching it is well.. odd.

You're right.

I just watched the video, and I agree with them.

- You just don't compare cinematics with actual gameplay

- Some "improvements" of the campaign are mostly due to different lighting (Night with artificial light vs sunset)

- Sometimes the guy compares grass in outside environment to concrete in closed environment

Of course there are huge improvements, of course the multiplayer seems insane. BUT this video doesn't do justice when you're used to Digital Foundry type of comparisons. 

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