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smroadkill15 said:
Pemalite said:

That visual improvement is very much welcomed and substantial. Can't wait.

Hopefully with Multiplayer they bring back weapon, vehicle and item spawn locations... One thing that Halo games after Halo 3 have lost is the strategic element of needing to control certain locations to get things like weapons... Plus the maps look a less barren with gear strewn all through it.

It was only Halo 5 Warzone that didn't have spawn locations, 4v4 always had it. Halo Infinite will have spawns for 4v4. Big team will have weapons and vehicles drop in throughout the game via pelicans and drop pods.

I remember Reach/Halo 4 not having it due to the loadout system.

Plus with armor abilities, they were no longer pick-up power items.

KratosLives said:

It wen't from looking like a 360 game to xbox one. But still a downgrade from the orginal infinte tech demo from 2018. Remember that footage when they were shoing off the series x and they showed halo footage in real time apparently, how good that footage looked?

I was less impressed with the foliage and texture work (And there was some pretty glaring sprite work) but was impressed with the dynamic bounce lighting and particle effects. - Sadly it seemed that lighting model was a bit different than what we eventually got in the first gameplay reveal which compounded the flat look.

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