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Tales series I have a history with. I love JRPGs so I kept falling for tales games.

My first was Tales of Symphonia-HATED IT!

I tried Tales pf Legendaria-HATED IT!

I tried Tales of Abyss-HATED IT!

I tried the TOS sequel on Wii-IT SUCKED!

So I gave up. Fast forward to E3 2018. Micrsoft conference. They show Tales of Vesperia. I thought hmm do I give these another shot? I debated it. Decided to pre-order TOV on Switch. The game arrives in the mail and I start playing it.

Something about that game gave me Grandia II vibes. A game I adore. I was hooked. I just could not put the game down. The story was good. The main character Yuri was so different than most JRPG protags. He was not a teen. He did not have amnesia. He was anime punisher. He just outright killed assholes. It felt refreshing. I won't spoil the ending but what happened with the main bad guy so to speak was also surprising. The music is fantastic. (One thing I won't know any Tales game for is the music)

This reminds me so much of Crono Cross OST

Tales of Vesperia is the one game I did not expect me to like as much as I did. I think it's one of my all time fave RPGs now. This is the game that has me excited for Tales of Arise.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!