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Signalstar said:

Sony did not participate in E3 this year. Obviously this led to much less excitement around the PS brand without any 1st party representation.

But PlayStation has very strong 3rd Party support.
So how excited are you about games coming to the PS4 or PS5 that were represented at E3?

Any highlights for Sony fans?

From the Microsoft showing.

Stalker 2  ---------------> 3 months exclusive deal, after that on PS5 ect.
Back 4 blood  -----------> also on PS4/PS5 ect
Sea of thieves
Yakuza like a dragon   --------> also on PS4/PS5
Battlefield  ----------> multiplat, also on PS5
Phyconauts ----------> also on PS4/PS5
Fallout 76 --------> multiplat
ESO  --------> multiplat
Party animals  -----------> half year? timed exclusive, after PS4/PS5 ect.
Hades --------->  also on PS5
Summerville -------> timed exclusive
Halo Campagne
Halo Multiplayer
Diablo 2 res  -------> multiplat
Plauge tale 2  --------> timed exclusive, early 2022 for PS4/PS5.
Far cry 6  -------> multiplat
Slime rancher 2  (confirmed exclusive)
Shredders ------> timed exclusive, heading for PS4/PS5 after.
Atomic heart -------> also on PS4/PS5
Replaced   (confirmed exclusive)
Among us ------> PS4/PS5 ect.
Eiyuden Chronicle ------> PS4/PS5 ect.
Age of Empire 4
Horizion 6

*bolded are xbox/PC only. Rest is heading for PS4/PS5 ect.

If you look at other shows, Im pretty sure theres plenty of titles also heading PS4/PS5s way.
Plus sony themselves probably have tons of stuff yet to announce.

The best thing shown, at Microsofts E3 was imo, Eiyuden Chronicle + Stalker 2 + Battlefield.
All 3 are heading for PS4/PS5 I think.

"So how excited are you about games coming to the PS4 or PS5 that were represented at E3?"

I really liked seeing Eiyuden Chronicles.
im hyped for it.

Also:  "Any highlights for Sony fans?"

Rift Apart, just released like less than a week ago.
That 1 single game, imo beats Halo + GaaS updates, Microsoft had.
The timed exclusives? I dont even have a PS5 yet..... doesnt matter (to me imo), by the time I get one, they ll be on there and cheap.

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