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mZuzek said:
Spindel said:

Nothing with this feels clunky to me. Want to talk about clunky feeling games, play the NES Castlevania where once you hit jump you can do nothing to change your trajectory.

Funny enough Castlevania 1 is my favorite NES game, whereas Metroid 1 is my least favorite at least among those I've completed. They're both clunky, I suppose, but Castlevania's clunkiness feels like it's there very much by design, while Metroid's really feels like a limitation. So much so, that as these series progressed, Metroid got tons of new movement and aiming options (as early as in the next game), whereas Castlevania has generally remained slow-paced and clunky.

Great pick and great points. Castlevania 1 is probably my favorite NES game too.