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The UK-Austrialian deal went though.

Its set to grow the UK economy by 0.02% (2/100th of a %) over 15 years.

EU only accepts 19,200 tons of sheep meat, from Australia pr year, tarrif free (for the entire EU).
(so it doesnt destry our markets, for say our sheep farmers)

UK choose to accept more than 25,000 Tons day 1, from Australia pr year (growing over a periode of 5-10years).
If your in the UK, and you previously lived off of sheep farming, this is gonna be a huge blow.
Its like that for Dairy (cheese) + noncheese, and Beef as well.

Huge blow to farming sector in the UK.... for a deal that grows UK economy a estimated 0.02% over a periode of 15 years.
(while probably killing off lart portions of jobs in their own farming sector)


I just cant get over how many industries Brexit is effecting negatively.
Fishing, farming, services, banking/financing, steel industry, resturant/entertainment sector, even stuff like shortages of lorry drivers.
(they risk supply issues, to branches of industries simply because they dont have enough qualified people to drive trucks, for their own internal markets, after kicking out all the european drivers lol)

Its like disaster capitalism, a few rich people might benefit from it, while the rest of society just gets screwed over.

*edit 2:
The good news..... wages are on the rise, as certain jobs, are time critical, and there are shortages of hands to go around.
Case in point, Fruit pickers. British farmers are offering upwards of 20£ pr hour now, for pickers, after the usual easter europeans that used to do it for the UK, arn't getting accepted into the country.

"Farmers estimate 500,000 workers are needed to cultivate the crops, which includes fruit pickers, vegetable packers and drives."

Easy way to generate upto 500k jobs.... just kick out all the europeans, and get UK cititizens to do it instead.
Just gotta find some young folk in good shape, willing to spend 8hours a day back bent, picking up fruit & veg.

"To keep people we have raised wages by 60 percent to nearly £20 per hour for packhouse staff and from this week we are having to pay them to turn up at £20 a day for a weekday and £30 for weekends.

"This now is unsustainable."

Mr Naylor appeared to blame Brexit, and added: "Yes a lot of us voted out [on Brexit] and now we have this problem!"

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