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Wman1996 said:
Random_Matt said:

PS5 more so, complete rush job. They forgot to add a heat sink on half the ram, goes past 90c, good job Sony only gives 12 months warranty.

I didn't go into more detail in my original post because it was so long, but great point. The storage situation on PS5 was also unacceptable at launch and a sign of a rushed or tone-deaf launch. 

Xbox Series S/X launched with ways to store your Xbox Series games on an HDD, as well as expandable SSD storage (though it's crazy expensive). Sony didn't even give the HDD option to store PS5 games until recently.

Ah yes, in this sense the PS5 should have been delayed.  It had a few minor exclusives to stand out, but the console itself seemed rather incomplete and rushed out.

I will say the Series X seemed MUCH more feature complete and despite lacking exclusives at launch, it actually felt like the console itself was ready to go.  The only real problem is working out the bugs with Quick Resume regarding some games.  But I guess that is an advantage to building off the existing OS and user interface instead of starting fresh, which I always felt was a good thing.  I will never understand those who harp on needing a new interface to feel "next gen".  Feels like fluff to me.

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