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PotentHerbs said:

Whether you agree with my opinion or not, its not just Sony fanboys talking up the Dualsense, and I didn't even make a definitive statement to begin with.

Everyone talks everything up. It's a gamer thing.

PotentHerbs said:

You cited the Kinect and the PS Move as more innovative controllers, when they fit your description of "a refinement over already established designs," unlike the Dualsense which actually adds adaptive triggers on top of refinements like haptic feedback. Also, wouldn't the WiiMote just be a refinement from the Nintendo Zapper, with added technology like Bluetooth & the Nunchuk? 

You are missing the point, they broke the mold and tried to be something different.

Kinect used an array of cameras and sensors (I.E. Infrared Depth) for hands-free controlling.

Move used lights and cameras for controlling. Which is very different from the Kinect.

And the Wii used an array of sensors like accelerators and gyroscopes to gauge movement. Nothing like the zapper.

The Nintendo Zapper however works by having an entire frame go black for a second, with all targets on the next frame as white, the zapper then works out the difference in light levels to ascertain if any targets are in the hit zone.

They are all different concepts for controlling your games.

Again... You keep mentioning haptic feedback, this isn't a new technology. The Switch has it. The Xbox One has it.
Adaptive triggers are great and I have already touched base on how awesome that is.

PotentHerbs said:

My argument for the Dualsense being the most innovative controller is the attempt to enhance your experience through sensory functions. With all the progress the industry has made with controllers, IMO, this is the ideal way to push controllers forward.

If immersion is your argument, especially relying on sensory functions... Then VR is leagues ahead.

Either way, the PS5 controller is just more of the same, with one single notable new trick.

My argument is that the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 controllers are great, but they could have been even better given more time. - Why not add a small microphone for voice controls for example?

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