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Pemalite said:

The Dual Sense is a refinement over already established designs, it builds upon the foundations and improves on what came before it.
You are *not* controlling or adding input to games in a new and fundamental way. It's a refinement of technology, not an innovative leap.

I do own a Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5 and I so can compare them all in real time, I'm not just talking out my ass on what I have read online.

By that same extension, the Xbox Series X controller is even less of a refinement, for all intents and purposes it's identical to my Xbox One X controller, the only addition being a share button due to the loss of Kinects voice commands.

Nintendo Switch controllers are a refinement over what the Wii offered with a few new tricks and capabilities.

I think the real issue is... Console gamers love to "talk up" their platform of choice to be the second coming of Jesus, when it simply isn't the case.

Whether you agree with my opinion or not, its not just Sony fanboys talking up the Dualsense, and I didn't even make a definitive statement to begin with.

You cited the Kinect and the PS Move as more innovative controllers, when they fit your description of "a refinement over already established designs," unlike the Dualsense which actually adds adaptive triggers on top of refinements like haptic feedback. Also, wouldn't the WiiMote just be a refinement from the Nintendo Zapper, with added technology like Bluetooth & the Nunchuk? 

My argument for the Dualsense being the most innovative controller is the attempt to enhance your experience through sensory functions. With all the progress the industry has made with controllers, IMO, this is the ideal way to push controllers forward.