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Bandorr said:

If I were asked to guess I probably would have rounded out at 10 or so. So 16 is higher than I would have guessed.
Feels higher than last year as well so that that's an improvement.

Surprised they didn't show a lot of Halo gameplay. Not only is it coming out soon, I kinda expected them to want to cover up the stink that was last year.
I expected them to poke fun at themselves even. "Before, After. Then, Now" etc etc.

Did they actually show Horizon 5 and 6?

That could be why.

Ingame graphics are maybe not as good looking, as the CGI trailers cutscenes they can show.
After last showing, maybe they are scared to show ingame gameplay graphics.  (they dont want another greg situation)

Even the multiplayer part they showed, it was mostly CGI stuff, and these short cuts, where you barely saw any gameplay.

Also odd they didnt even give a date for when the multiplayer part of Halo Infinate is comeing.