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Dulfite said:

I watched the show. Looking at the list of games announced and talked about, you'd think I'd have been excited, but I wasn't and I wonder if it is because some part of my brain was aware that I wasn't seeing much of games, but was rather hearing about them.

Think because of updates to older games (as a service) and graphic updates to older games already out ect.
Everytime you get hyped up, by something new and good looking.
Hey look at this old game, too. We did X,Y,Z with it.
So you get this roller coaster type deal, instead of just hype building and building.

Yakuza like a dragon, Phyconauts, Fallout 76, ESO, Diablo 2 res, Far cry 6, Grounded, Flight Sim,... ect ect

= all games we have seen before, or are already out.

Then you add in all the smaller indie stuff, and the amount of CGI trailers showed.

There was high points, stuff you could get excited for.
There was just alot of everything else, between.

*** To me the highpoints were:

Stalker 2, Battlefield, Eiyuden Chronicle, Age Of Empires 4,....... 

(apart from Stalker 2, I think rest will come to PS4/PS5/PC) 
*Stalker 2, is apparently a "xbox console launch exclusive" (ei comeing to other platforms)

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 14 June 2021