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flint said:

In summary I feel like this could have been a better showcase by showing more of fewer games, The outerworlds 2, Contraband and Redfall could have waited and I would loved to have seen more than 5 minutes of Halo. My advice to Xbox would be to calm dow, more of us will buy a Series X/S when there are the games to justify it, those who will buy a console on hype already have one

They could have removed all the updates for exsisting games (Games as a service)/DLC updates (sea of theives, grounded ect), to another thing "after the show", along with all the gamepass announcements&stuff. Also stuff like updates (graphics/resolution, for games already out) (doom eternal, elderscrolls, fallout)... Hell even something like Diablo II remastered... its so old (even if it looks fine, its not something that wows).

That alone would have cut down some time no?

You want shows to be filled with "new" & "exciting" stuff.
The showpeices, that sell you on the product.

Also you need a healthy mix of gameplay along with all the cgi trailers.