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StokedUp said:
Leynos said:

Ugh on FF7R. Play FF7 OG to see how much better it is.

Yeah I disagree. I bought the original when it released and loved it. It was my favorite game for years.

However the advances in technology have made remake the better version. Just seeing and hearing some of my favorite video characters and being able to see the emotions has made it the better version. Yes, I think I prefer the battle system on the original but overall and especially when all parts are released, remake is easily the superior version. 

I have no nostalgia for FF7. I played it last year then the Remake. They changed a bunch of story stuff for the worse because it's happier or whatever. FF7R is 90% padding of side quests from an MMO from 2004. The shitty Kingdom Hearts ghosts are dumb as well. They remove all the mystique from Seperioth. Zack thing is a stupid change. Every story change was for the worse. It has Nomura's stink all over it.

Final Fantasy VII original is still the only good thing released that has anything to do with FF7.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!