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KLAMarine said:

We can't draw anything from these statistics. Some will conclude blacks are more criminal, others will conclude police are biased.

Or hows about both or neither? Why does everything require a binary answer?

KLAMarine said:

I don't draw much of these shooting statistics.

All shooting incidents are unique and worthy of individual assessment: in the real world, the skin color of the victim is NOT the only variable at play but in graphs highlighting racial discrepancies, one could easily be fooled into thinking skin color is the only decisive variable or a major variable on whether or not an officer opens fire on a suspect.

Skin colour/race don't actually have anything to do with being a criminal.

Socio-economic situation tends to have the largest influences on who turns out to be a criminal.
I.E. You grow up in the slums, with family who are bogans... Chances are you are going down a certain path statistically.

By that same extension, those who are of colour tend to be in poor socio-economic areas due to in part... Discrimination or lack of opportunities, educational, work or otherwise... Arguably those of colour in poor socio-economic areas tend to have stronger family ties which keeps family units together.

Another issue is those migrating (Illegal or legal) from Mexico (Or anywhere for that matter) fall into the trap of lacking nationally qualified skills to take up anything more than low-paid unskilled work.
Same issue exists here, one of my old trainers migrated from Britain and she had 10+ years of experience as a teacher, sadly it meant squat in Australia and she had to go back to University to gain the degrees she was already competent in, in the meantime she was doing minimum wage work.

Here for example Aboriginals also tend to suffer at the hands of systemic discrimination.
For example years ago I went for a job interview and one of the other guys who I have known for a long time was Aboriginal and had qualifications in health that easily surpassed my own and he put on a strong (Arguably stronger) showing in the group interview, yet wasn't selected for some unknown reason, could be more to it, but really said allot about the employer at the time.

As for police... I can only talk about police officers I have worked with... So strictly limited to anecdotal. - And generally, they don't give a shit what your skin colour is, they are trained to protect themselves first and foremost, then protect their fellow crew, then protect the general public.

For example at any structure fire, police are always on scene and if an officer is near me, they will always keep a hand on the gun, doesn't matter if my job involves saving lives or not, doesn't matter if I know them or not.

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